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Spaceship with animated engines, shields, and weapons!  Check out the preview gifs in the screen shots to see what all you will be downloading.   All animations include the .ase file in addition to the sprite sheets.

Works great with other Void assets.




I am a heavy user of Construct 3 and make various templates and tutorials available for free.  These assets work great with the engine.  If you are new to making games or want to try out a refreshing engine that makes game development fun again using both intuitive event sheets and JavaScript, you can support me by using the referral link below:



Void - Main Ship (1.0)

Commissioned from: Baldur (https://twitter.com/the__baldur)

Distributed by Foozle (www.foozle.io)


License: (Creative Commons Zero, CC0)


This content is free to use and modify for all projects, including commercial projects.

Attribution not required.  If you would like to support, consider a voluntary donation.


Donate:   https://foozlecc.itch.io/

Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=48464594

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Tags2D, Animation, cc0, Pixel Art, Space, spaceship, Sprites
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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Foozle_2DS0011_Void_MainShip.zip 104 kB


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hi I was just wondering because first picture shows parts of the plain that aren't included in this pack. Does anyone know where to find them?

Nice assets!I used it in my game https://store.steampowered.com/app/2717050/_Survivor_Fantasia

I used this pack to make my game :)

Space by leighhurley (itch.io)

what is the frame rat

such work of yours is truly amazing! keep it up man!

nice they look coo

I was trying to draw a spaceship but didn't like any of my drawings. Thankfully I saw yours and used it in my game: 


Thank you!


Thank you foozle, I made my first game with your assets, you can check here:

lovely pixel

Hi! Awesome package! Do you know where I can find the artist who created this? Thanks!


Hey foozle, I know you don't draw these but simply wanted to thank for the distribution. I made this game with these assets I'd you want to check it out:



nice! Funny enough Baldur pinged me this game earlier :) Yeah, I just like collecting / commissioning asset packs lol - they do the real work.


Hi! Awesome package! Do you know where I can find the artist who created this? Thanks!

that is really cool

More awesome stuff from Foozle, thanks for sharing!