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I have been enjoying creating some video content for YouTube recently and thought I would post a tutorial on how to create a simple combat AI in construct 3 using some state machines, the move to behavior, and distance to create a simple game.

Recommend playing in full screen, use arrow keys to move your character and spacebar to attack.

I have included the project file with the art removed (it is purchased art / the license forbids sharing it, so it is replaced with beautiful squares) for you to download as a reference in your own projects.  Feel free to use however, no credit needed, cc0 etc. 

Check it out on YouTube and let me know what you think!  Also share any of your own tricks if you know of a more efficient way to accomplish it.  Subscribe if you enjoyed, would make my day :)



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GenreAction, Fighting
Made withConstruct
Tagscombat-ai, Construct 2, construct-3, Tutorial


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