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Reviewed and edited by FoozleCC:

Controls: AD to move, W to jump, space to shoot! Level up your character after collecting mana with E and see how high you can go.  Max level is Level 40.

This game was played through and the C3 project file reviewed in a YouTube video as the 3rd episode of a series where I peer review project files submitted from the community.  Check out the review video on YouTube and let me know what you think!

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Special thanks to Marlin for contributing to the series with Siege! I play the submission and then analyze portions of the project file, in this episode the following topics are covered:

-Project Organization

-Use of Functions

-Lots of other tips and tricks

In this series I will often ask the developer to use art from my itch pages, this submission utilizes:

-Realm of Critters collection:

-Lucifer collection:

If you noticed I have a new theme I am using for Construct 3 which is absolutely awesome and available from Mitsuhashish's itch page: 

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Again, thanks for showcasing my project in this episode. A great series for gamedevs, if anyone out there hasn't seen one of these videos yet ;)

Got to level 6, really fun stuff.

Nice! Yeah- Marlin did great on this.  Now try to beat level 31 :)

Is this revenge for water snake hahahahaha

Blast you for reminding me.  Now I am tempted to go waste too much time on water snake.