Hello Everyone!

I have developed a tutorial on how to automate your game characters using Goal Oriented Action Planning (GOAP) AI. This tutorial uses Construct 3 but the concepts are applicable across game engines. In this tutorial, I cover how to plan out your goals, actions, weights, preconditions, and results and them implement them in the engine with a pseudo code walk through. I encourage you to download the file (see construct 3 file below - note that art is removed as I do not have license to share so it is replaced with beautiful squares) and follow along / tinker to consider how you can implement in your games!  Feel free to use however, no credit needed, cc0 etc. 

Check out the YouTube video below and let me know what you think - Subscribe if you enjoy, would make my day :)



Since this is a game about automating game characters / a skeleton horde... your only controls are pretty simple:

Blue button: Toggles text visibility of current "Goal", "State", and "Action Plan" to help understand what the AI is doing.

Red Button: Summon a boss for your ever growing horde to swarm and destroy :).  Bosses get stronger each time they are summoned!


I am a youtuber, creator of games / tutorials, and actively building a collection of art / assets for creators to use royalty free in their games or projects.  If you would like to support me, please consider subscribing to my youtube channel (game dev focused) and or supporting me on patreon.  Those who subscribe to the "Game Asset Supporter" tier will get access to all premium / paid art I own the rights to posted here on itch (new assets added monthly!).  Cheers!







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GOAP_AI_Tutorial_Art_Removed.c3p 4 MB


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Very awesome - this is pure gold for learning AI automation.

thanks! Yeah this was a fun one to put together :) good luck in your projects!