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Found these things underneath the map. Just a glitch? An Easter Egg? Or maybe secret lore...?

Immortalizing Yanniboi and ScreamingGoat for their contributions toward exposing an in game exploit and also showing the need for server side anti cheating ๐Ÿ˜‚ Thank you! I have now cleaned the leaderboard and will attempt to keep it so.

This is dope, really enjoyed the addition, adds a nice little game to it all.

Darn you! Always beating my top score.  Now I am wondering who cheater is and if they actually cheated ๐Ÿ˜‚ 

Lol. I am cheater (GameFavorites). Yes I did cheat! I found that if instead of flying upwards you fly down the screen you can get as high score as you want. My result with the GameFavorites name was a real result though with no cheating. 

thanks for letting me know - I have removed the score from playfab out of fairness :) extra points for discovering it though lol- I will fix it later

Your welcome and I agree that removing my cheater score is the fair thing to do. I shall continue to enjoy playing your game without any cheating of course

Love the Hammer Slam Mechanic, Nice work

Wow! Everything is perfect, Upload Full Game ASAP, I'm ready to play and learn from you :)


Thanks! Will have to see where I take it - it was testing several items I am planning on using in a larger game I am embarking on this year.  Hopefully it can commence soon and I can share dev logs along the way :)

Impressive! The spine animation turned out great. I love those distortion effects as well. And the lighting effects really make this look like it was made in something other than C3. Great job in the jam so far!!

Thanks Marlin! Yeah, the lighting effect was fun to implement.  I finally published the effect up on itch too with a youtube tutorial so hopefully others can figure out how to add to their C3 games

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this was made on construct?! wow, i don't think i could've made something like this on construct 3. it's so sick

Thanks for the comment spikegamedev! Yes on the C3 front :)

This is really impressive! and on Construct 3 too, cool

Thanks! Had a lot of fun with it :)

nice power, love the spine animation, I've used it for higher resolution animations but not tried it with pixel art. You've got some impressive results with it

Thanks Frozen! Yeah- learning spine was super fun, like everything in game dev it is its own deep topic and I am just scratching the surface.  I do think the pixel art in Spine turned out better than I expected visually